True Beauty

Ugh. What can I say besides, “Shame on you ABC for putting such a stupid show with such dumb people on TV!” Okay, so don’t get me wrong, I love ABC, but the show that they’re running is TERRIBLE! In “True Beauty,” six gratingly earnest gorgeous babes and four cloyingly narcissistic hunky dudes get to live together in an L.A. mansion, where they attempt to successfully duplicate nuclear fission. As if! Actually, what they do is closer to bidding farewell to their remaining brain cells. Well on last nights “wonderful” episode, the idiots were faced with yet (surprise) another challenge. They had to model for a buffet with just food. Now I know what your thinking, but when I read this I’m thinking two things: 1. OMG! NO CLOTHES! and 2. BITCH! CLOSE YOUR LEGS!!! The contestants (if you want to call them that) were also tested (like animals) to see if they would help whats-her-face dig her ring out of the trash. Most of the lovely idiots did help all except for one, the strange David guy. After whats-her-face told him she lost her ring all he did was sit on his booty bumper and say, “Oh, thats terrible!” I mean, seriously??!! That man wouldn’t get off his ass if the damn chair was on fire! You could watch True Beauty next week on Monday night, but I strongly discourage it.

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